Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where Do the Days Go?

Seriously.  At the start of summer, I always think that I will have time to read 75 books and get a ton of stuff done around the house as well as lose at least ten pounds.  Come June, I know I can do all of this because I know how much time I spend working between September and May, and if I had all that time to devote to all these other things, I’d be living a pretty sweet life!  Well, I’ll be honest.  I am living a pretty sweet life, but I’m not really getting much done…  And as much as I want to hate my lack of ambition, I LOVE IT!  This is why I work two jobs for nine months out of the year, because I work in between zero and ten hours a week during the summer.  It balances out.

     Anyway, since I haven’t come close to reading 75 books, I have been browsing the Barnes and Noble Shop on my Nook to see if I can add 75 books to my wishlist.  I can.  But please let me know if you have any good titles that I should be adding.

     Today I went to OfficeMax and had my new Monster Dash Training Plan made into a little book.  Tomorrow I will mail a copy to each Colleen and Julie – I think they will be surprised!  I love making training plans, but I really had a lot of fun with this one!  It features some of my favorite monsters (and some monsters that I don’t really know that well). DSC01566


Training officially began yesterday, and I woke up all kinds of motivated.  I ran myself to spin class (1.85 miles, 18 minutes), then went to class, then ran on the treadmill after class (1.35 miles, 12:30).  I got a little reward from Tropical Smoothie Cafe after.  New favorite: Bahama Mama with Splenda.

     Over the weekend I was a bridesmaid in my friend Katie’s wedding.  We had a blast!  She had a herd of bridesmaids, and I think that is just one way to keep your party going!  The day was beautiful and I think Katie thought of everything.  That’s what you get when you are a kindergarten teacher – they can’t help but think of every little thing.  (It also helped that she had two years to figure it all out.)  The rehearsal dinner was great – Katie gave us our jewelry for Saturday as well as pink tote bags with our initials on them. 


Saturday morning was an early one – had to leave home by about 7:00 to go get hair done.  The wedding wasn’t until 2!  I hoped and prayed that my hair and makeup would withstand the heat and still look good for pictures.  Anyway, I loved my hair, and now I’m trying to decide if I should just do the same thing for my cousin’s wedding in two weeks.  I’m not a bridesmaid, but I’m getting my hair done because I don’t like my hair down when it’s so HOT!   (What do you know?!  It stayed!)

DSC01555  DSC01556 DSC01557

I’m the one on the right in the front row with my arms in front.  Why do I insist on trying to do something with my hands?  Why don’t all dresses just have pockets?  Life would be so easy…

     Just a few days ago I discovered something new – Skype.  I am sure you have all experienced that little treasure.  I love it!  One of my best girls lives in Chicago, which is a little hike from my abode in Minnesota, so now I can still see her from time to time.  It makes the conversation more meaningful because it’s time devoted to talking – no multitasking.  Love it.  What’s weird is that she can make herself look like this because she has some special “I do weird stuff” camera.  Kind of weird, isn’t it?  Makes me laugh every time, though!  What are friends for?


I guess that’s what a dog would look like with Colleen’s eyes and lips.  That’s what I look like when I’m trying to figure out how to take a screen capture on my iPod.  Hot.

     So, since I’m in the photo-posting mood, here is a snapshot of the dress I picked up (ON SALE!) for my cousin’s wedding in a week and a half.  Thoughts?  Wouldn’t a loose side bun be adorable with this??  (Disregard the hair – it was taken in the morning before I decided to do anything with myself.)

image image

In case you can’t tell the dress is black with ivory polka dots.  It’s a Jessica Simpson dress, and I just love that it doesn’t really need alterations!  So easy!  I do need to run it back to Von Maur just because it’s having some zipper problems, but since they have the best customer service in the world they have already said that they would fix it.  That will make me shop there more often.  Thank you!

     Alright, bedtime.  I have to work tomorrow.  At NOON!  So maybe I’ll wake up and get to spin class first.  Aaah…  These teacher summers go so fast!

Question:  Do you prefer to vacation away or staycation at home?  If away, where do you like to get your R&R?  If at home, what do you do to ensure that you relax?