Workout Log

I think I'll do better with this if I just use DailyMile. Check the widget! (And leave me some encouragement, please! Heaven knows that it's tough for me to get this stuff done on my own!)
1-10.5 mile bike ride with Mike
2-Cabin style lazy day
3-More Cabin laziness
4-4th of July laziness
5-10.5 mile bike ride on Heartland Trail + trip to the playground with Genevieve
6-5.69 mile run on Heartland Trail (1 hr., 5 min.) - Mike roller skied + Waterskiing!
7-15 mile bike ride on Heartland Trail with Mike (1 hour)
8-13 mile bike ride on Heartland Trail with Mike (about 50 min.)
9-4 mile run on Heartland Trail (45 min.) - Mike roller skied
10-23.5 mile bike ride on Heartland Trail sith Mike (90 min.) + waterskiing
11-No workout, just filled the fridge with healthy fare (Hey! Maybe chopping fruits & veggies counts?!)
12-1.65 mile terrible run on the treadmill. Decided to go at 9:30 p.m. after outdoor run got pushed back too late. Should have just gone to bed.
13-4.5 mile outdoor run, sub-45 min! Made up for last night - felt awesome to be back on home turf!
14-Day off, or an off-day?
15-Does cleaning the house until 3 a.m. count.
16-4.5 hot & humid miles. Ran first 3, then walked most of the rest
17-3.75 miles - very hot even at 9:00. Ran 2, then walked the rest.
18-Spin class with Mike
19-3.3 miles at a snail's pace. I am so sick of not being able to breathe.
20-Spin class with Mike - great class today! Left a sweaty mess as usual, but felt so strong and legs were really willing to push!
21-Perfect everything run! 6.86 miles in 1:07. Love getting out there in the early mornings.
25-5.17 mile run in 1 hour.  Terrible workout, but it's my own stupid fault for waiting until the afternoon.
26-40 mile bike ride on the Cannon Valley Trail with Mike - awesome! Mike says I'm like a "Diesel Engine." That's hot, right?
27-Rest day
28-5.18 mile run in 57:56.  Not bad for the humidity.  Since I had to walk, I also did a little bit of speed/form work between the walking breaks.
29-Ran for about 5 miles or so, but not really sure because iPod wasn't working in my pocket. GAH!
30-None, nada, zilch.  Unless you count walking around in heels for 12 hours.  Happy Wedding, Katie & Greg!
31-Post-wedding walk. 2.5 miles or so, just to shake out those heel-wearing legs.