Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back to Reality…

I stepped on the scale this morning. (Cue scary Psycho music)

I am not happy. I wasn’t realistic with myself. I allowed myself to hide the truth from myself in an effort to make myself feel better about the poor choices that took place between, well… Halloween and Christmas. I start the holiday season early. I allowed myself to ignore the fact that the pants were a little tighter, or that certain clothes were just more comfortable.

I haven’t gained back all of the weight that I lost last year, but I gained back two-thirds of it. That’s enough to aggravate anybody, and that’s enough to cause me to spring back into action.

So, back to reality.

Back to:





DSC01536 .

Back to myself, at my happiest, ten pounds ago.

Follow my journey. I’ll turn 30 on March 17th. (Eeek!) Will I make it by then?

Did your scale do the end of the year climb, too? What are you doing to take care of business?

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