Saturday, September 24, 2011


Aah... So this is what it feels like to blog from bed on a lazy Saturday.

Mike is in Basel, Switzerland test riding his dream bike for a few days. I'm sad about this. I think it is rude to leave your girlfriend home and go galavanting in beautiful Europe. Even if you are a pilot and the trip is mostly free. My feelings seem to be rooted in jealousy. Probably not a good thing, so I'll vent it and be done. Maybe.

So, since Mike is doing that, I am making the best of a weekend at home. Last night I took one look at my nails and was off to get those taken care of. I love fall nail colors! I love sitting and getting a pedicure for an hour even more!

I was feeling so lucky post-pedicure that I dragged my brother out for a drink and then to the casino for late-night bingo. We didn't win. I wish they counted almost-bingoes. So... Not so lucky. Still glad I went, though; Mike hates that place!

I'm sick of taking months to read an occasional book during the school year, so I'm solving that problem: books on cd from my library. Not just any books on cd, though: books I already own! That way I can read a chapter at home each night and listen to two chapters during my commute. I love it! Unfortunately I don't like getting out of my car in the middle of a line or a really good part. It makes me leave work faster and feel like my commute is actually worth something, so I say "Good deal!" (and it's free!) Be on the lookout for some upcoming book reviews!

This weekend I am going to get my 8 miler in. My legs will be very confused, but there's nothing like trial by fire a month before a race. Let's hope that nobody gets hurt and that I'm not so out of shape that I can't do it after my little running hiatus.

Then, after that run I am forcing myself to get up early and go to the gym this week. 5 a.m. No questions about it... (when I was typing 'gym,' my auto-correct tried to type 'fun.' Just the opposite, Sir.)

Okay, odd to my lazy weekend. I am actually going to shower and look cute, because Mike says we are going to Skype later, and I don't want him to think that I'm mopey and all distraught with him halfway around the world. Stupid Skype! Back when a phone call was a phone call I didn't have to worry about what I looked like for the occasion!

I hope you are lucky enough to be enjoying a lazy two days after those other five!

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