Friday, July 29, 2011

In Training…

There.  I said it.  I am officially in training. Does that mean that I automatically have to hate running now?


The truth is, this time I actually signed up for a race because something has happened and I am actually looking forward to running on my running days and cross training on my cross-training days.  I have waited 11 years to get to this point! (Before that I always had practices, and I enjoyed going to those.)  Anyway, I am so happy to get out on the road and see myself have good days and bad and to actually care about making myself better.  It’s been awhile.

My training plan officially begins Monday, but I just feel all kinds of better knowing that I’m going into it on top of it all, rather than striving to keep up with it.  I know that I will feel behind once school begins and I have more on my plate, but I feel “with it.”  My energy levels are good, I have my diet figured out, and I have some cute new clothes.

Speaking of… I bought the customary new training clothes.  I had to, right?  I don’t know what I think of them, though.  I bought a SkirtSports Capri Skirt because I really like the knicker-length pants.  Is that nerdy?  Probably, but if nerdy is comfy, then so be it.  Has anybody else had any SkirtSports stuff?  I kind of think it takes getting used to since it isn’t your usual technical fabric and it kind of makes a swishing sound when you walk.  Weird, but if weird is cute, then so be it.  Are you seeing a theme here?  Cute. Comfy. Happy.

I ran yesterday and today.  I don’t usually do two runs in a row, but I was looking forward to running so I did it.  Neither run was very good.  Today’s was terrible because I was ready to throw my iPod into the pond when I noticed that it wasn’t recording my run.  Boo.  So I walked, because after that setback, it was no use trying to compose myself and work harder.  I just don’t like not having a record for my workout.  I had gone nearly 3 miles by the point that I noticed it! GAH! Oh well,it was a beautiful day and I just really enjoyed being out in the sunshine. 

I will post my training plan on here on Sunday night or Monday, as it officially begins on Monday.  It will be a modified version of John “The Penguin” Bingham’s Marathoning for Mortals Half-Marathon plan.  I am starting on week two, but really with the mileage that I’ve been doing lately I could probably skip to week five.  Maybe I should do that?  Readers (if there even are any), please weigh in on whether I should skip ahead or just take it slow.  I’m sure that I could use some additional work on the later weeks when the mileage is greater, but I don’t know if that’s bad for the system or something…

This is a really busy weekend, so let’s see if I can just get one pre-training-plan-run in before Monday.  I have to do something, because I only have two more days left in my week and I’m 420 calories short of my 3,000 goal.  Hooray!  That’s attainable!  I can get there!  But anyway, back to the busy thing.  I’m a bridesmaid for my friend Katie who is getting married tomorrow – can’t wait!

So, since we all know that I’m getting ready for the Monster Dash Half Marathon, I’ll leave you with some Monsters.





Questions:  Have you ever worn Skirt Sports brand running skirts/capris?  Thoughts?

Am I better off starting farther down on my training plan?  Why or why not?

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