Friday, July 8, 2011

Lazy Days

Today was turning out to be a picture-perfect lazy day...
1. Slept in, accruing 9 full hours in my sleep bank
2. Woke up at the cabin
3. Breakfast at my favorite cabin greasy spoon restaurant, La Pasta (I am not kidding when I say there's nothing like it, and based on the clientele, it may directly affect longevity.)
4. 82 degrees and sunny - 0% chance of rain!
5. Good book
6. Good people

So, I was all set to plug in "Another day of cabin laziness" on my workout log when my trusty workout buddy and boyfriend mentioned the bike ride that he was scheduling for 8:00. Now, I typically prefer to be done by then, but it was already 7 (p.m., if you're keeping track). So I asked if I could join him and he said it was fine so long as I was ready to go on time, I was willing to work and go fast, and I was willing to go the opposite direction on the trail from what we usually go. I agreed to the terms and we were off!

I am so glad that I had someone to nudge me along and hold me accountable. Lazy days are great in moderation, and, all things considered, most of this day was spent being pretty lazy! Without this evening's ride, I would have missed out on seeing a half dozen deer and an adorable porcupine. I would have missed out on an hour of quality time with Mike. And now, thanks to this new blog of mine, I would have had to admit to the world that I had yet another lazy day at the cabin.

Just to be on the safe side, though, I still stopped past the soda fountain for a cup of my latest favorite: chocolate peanut butter revel & coconut almond delight. Vacation hasn't ended yet!

Share with me...  Who or what motivates you to get your workouts in?

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