Monday, July 11, 2011


Took a day off of working out to restock the fridge today.  It felt good to grocery shop and then stand at the sink prepping the fruits and vegetables for grab-and-go convenience.  It felt great looking over my receipt and realizing that most of the items were items that came without brand names:  bananas, melon, peaches, lime, kale, mangoes, etc. 

In March I took an adventure down the Paleo Diet path.  My friend Bridget had told me a bit about it, and I looked into it.  I have struggled to maintain my weight for four or five years, always wishing that I could lose but being content just so long as the number didn't go up.  I have tried many different things, but nothing this extreme.  It may not be right for everybody, but it's definitely right for me.  Most importantly I learned that I have a real sensitivity to wheat products/gluten.  I puff up like a balloon! I can gain five pounds of water/digestion weight just from a small amount, and it leaves me feeling like I have the worst hangover. No wonder I was having a difficult time losing weight when I was eating food that was making me sick without even knowing it!  Anyway, I love the Paleo Diet because I can eat a wide variety of foods, there aren't any "phases" or "stages" as you might find on other diets, and it's definitely a lifestyle that is easy to live with. 

A few things I've noticed since changing my diet at the end of March:
  • I managed to shimmy off fifteen pounds in just a few months!
  • Running is easier, and I don't feel the same arthritis pain in my knees, even if I run several days in a row.
  • I noticed that I had some minor skin irritations that I thought I was stuck with for life, but now they have cleared up.
  • Junk food cravings seemed to fall by the wayside as my body got accustomed to healthier options. Waving off the dessert cart has become a non-issue, perhaps because I realized my gluten sensitivity.
  • There are more, but I can't think of them all right now.  I'll keep you posted as I become more disciplined in my meal planning and snacking again.
Anyway, we just had vacation month, and I relaxed my standards for a few weeks.  I ate lunch meats and cheese, drank milk and soda, and indulged perhaps a little too frequently.  Four of my pounds seemed to come home from vacation with me.  I'm not surprised, but I'm not inviting them to move in permanently, either.  Today I restocked my fridge with all Paleo friendly foods with the exception of plain yogurt, which I keep for a quick breakfast with some honey and walnuts. 

I invite anyone who is interested in trying the Paleo Diet or a modified version of it to ask questions.  I needed a change, and this worked.  I know there are others out there that this will work for -- anyone who wants an easy to follow "diet plan" who likes to have a wide variety of foods throughout the day.  This definitely doesn't leave you feeling "stuck in a rut!"

Okay, now off to grill up some pork chops.  Mom and Dad are coming over for dinner!

Please share...  What foods or diets have you found that really work for you?

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